Does the word need another travel-photo blog?

Perhaps not – but this is not just another travel photo blog. I am not an aspiring professional photographer. I have a day job that keeps me busy, and a  hobby that keeps me searching for little stolen bits of time where I can find them.

What I intend for it to be, is an outlet for sharing my passion for this beautiful country with others.  The photos may be little blurry and the exposures not always perfect, but the flaws that exist in these pictures also tell their own stories.

Over the past 10 years I have spent roughly 6 months in Spain. Over that time I have accumulated thousands of photographs of everything from Las Fallas, the annual festival in the Northern coastal towns around Valencia, to abandoned castle ruins on the plains of Castilla La Mancha, to packed bars in the city and suburbs of Madrid, to the cathedrals of Ancient Spanish cities, to the well stocked and tended hillside bodegas of old Spanish men around the countryside of Segovia.

All of these images have languished unseen on various drives for far too long. I will occasionally click through them and smile, reminiscing about good and bad times – cramped jump-seats and first class sleeper suites that took me there and brought me back, and of the countless dinner tables, bars, and cafes where I took comfort in a caña or a cortado with friends, always thinking of some far-off “someday” when I would share them with others who might find them interesting.

Enough thinking! A photograph, not shared, may as well have never been taken.


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