Hello readers,

Starting in January of 2016, Postcards From Spain will begin posting from Spain!

It’s long been a dream of mine to slow-travel through this wondrous country of contrasts. The one or two week visits always seem to pass way too quickly. Every trip is a whirlwind of travel and experiences that can only be digested after I’ve arrived back at home. After the unpacking, settling in, returning to work and the rhythms of a more normal life can I begin to slowly scroll through the thousands of photographs I’ve taken. It’s during this slow digestion of an experience already passed that I begin to realize what a spectacular affair it was. I liken it to an old school space probe that, after a tortuous rocket ride boost phase and the escape from earth orbit, zooms around some far-off stellar body, completely detached and spinning, functioning, executing code and commands, capturing data and hitting waypoints on its parabolic zoom through space, eventually hurtling back into the draggy, burning atmosphere. Only after splashdown and dissection does it yield the full story of it’s flight. Only on examination of the data does the true story of the cosmos emerge, technicolor and mesmerizing.

OK – so maybe that’s a little dramatic. But it feels that way. Looking at the photos I’ve taken during my travels always leaves me with the feeling that…somehow, I missed something of the experience while I was there.

I hope that the end of the “launch – flight – record – reentry – process” mode of data capture and processing will create a more seamless environment in which I can experience and share the stories of my travels.

I will be updating a few times before our departure date, and stay tuned for the first post from Madrid!

Abrazos desde Seattle

Postcards from Spain (AKA Peter Hamann)


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  1. I’m so looking forward to your travels and dialogue about them. I feel like I’m right there with you. You have such a command of the languages and can transport me to the places you have been. Show me Spain through your eyes Peter. I’m so excited for your adventures. Love Mom 1.3.15

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