Leganes farmer’s market

Every Friday in the city of Leganes, as happens in many cities throughout Spain, farmers and merchants gather on a small side street on the North edge of town for the weekly farmer’s market, or “mercadillo”. Here, you’ll find olive vendors selling various blends of house made olive mixes in brines and marinades ranging from deeply complex spice mixtures, to more traditional straight-forward, mild vinegar based marinades. Bakers display all manner of galletas (cookies) and tartas (cakes) , pastries, cream puffs, and other delights, each the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea or espresso with the neighbors at home. The smells of vegetables, fruits, honey, preserves, cheeses, frutos secos (dried fruits, nuts, potato chips and other snacks) all rise from bins and tables to mix with those of cured meats and fish to create an essentially Spanish olfactory cocktail. A person can spend an afternoon strolling among the stalls, sampling and buying all sorts of goods (cash only please!) while gypsy children sing and dance in and around their vans, parked back away from the street, while their parents make a living selling whatever the Spanish home maker (with traditional wheeled market cart in tow) or handyman might need. Socks, underwear, tools, small home electronics and toys, all can also be found at the market. MARKET STREET SIGN MARKET 16 OLIVES 1 OLIVES 2 OLIVES 3 MARKET 1 MARKET 2 MARKET 3 MARKET 4 MARKET 6 MARKET 7 MARKET 8 MARKET 17 MARKET 14 MARKET 10 MARKET 11 MARKET 12 MARKET 13


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